Manual for Becoming Aerosolar


Click here to download the PDF – Manual for Becoming Aerosolar

This booklet is produced within the frame of Becoming Aerosolar, the artistic experiment of Tomás Saraceno, by the students of the seminar at IAK, co-taught by Tomás Saraceno, Jol Thomson and Sasha Engelmann.   Contents by:

Alexander Bouchner (cut-down mechanisms and altitude control),

Henry Kirchberger (aerosolar history),

Junlin Luo (material life-cycles),

Jehona Nuhija (weather),

Tomi Soletic (aerosolar charting and infrastructure),

Karla Srsen (form-finding),

Bruna Stipanicic (presentation and design),

Ananda Wiegandt (laws of the air).

In Summer Semester 2015, the students produced this manual as part of their participation in Tomás Saraceno’s exhibition at 21er Haus, Viennaimage-0002 image-0003 image-0004 image-0005 image-0006 image-0007 image-0008 image-0009 image-0010 image-0011 image-0012 image-0013 image-0014 image-0015 image-0016 image-0017 image-0018 image-0019 image-0020 image-0021 image-0022 image-0023 image-0024 image-0025 image-0026 image-0027 image-0028 image-0029

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