Funambulist Papers vol. 2 – Body Edition


Just out from Punctum Press and Léopold Lambert, the prolific editor of, Funambulist Papers vol. 2 features an article by IAK teacher, Alan Prohm, on Landing Site Theory, the embodied architecture theory of Arakawa and Madeline Gins, authors of Architectural Body (University of Alabama Press 2002).

Also featuring writing by Erin Manning, director of the Senselab in Montreal, who together with former Deleuze translator and current philosopher of affect, Brian Massumi, will be visiting the IAK for a lecture and a workshop in our upcoming Winter Semester.

Topics dealt with in these two essays were the subject of the workshop Architectural Body, led by Alan Prohm; related phenomena, involving the extension of the body apparatus, played a role also in the workshop Transformation with Ilka Raupach.



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