Meeting 06.11. 2015 at 10 AM

in front of Phaeno Science Center Wolfsburg (main entrance)


S/4 Spatial Sensing 2       Natalija Miodragovic, Ivana Franke

The seminar consists of ‘exercises of sensing’ and intensive workshops focused on self-reflection and self-observations
 in the form of scientific investigations and experiments, related to the limits of our perception and understanding of space.
In parallel participants experiment with light, space and various materials which leads
to realisation of event-specific artworks for the final exhibition.
Emphasis is on artwork’s performative quality – on the way it operates in relation to others.
What can we imagine? Can we render the invisible?
Everything that we try to imagine depends on what we can or cannot sense.
In this seminar we will investigate our sensory experiences in order to understand how they are conditioned
by the physical environment ‘out there’, our perceptual apparatus and thoughts.
We will expose ourselves to sensory experiences in which the information
we receive from the surrounding is radically altered, such as weightlessness ;
noisy silence of an an-echoic chamber and seeing with closed eyes moving shapes and colours provoked only by stroboscopic light.
Visit to DRL and a two day excursion to Berlin is planned for some of the exercises.
Let’s alter our minds and environments by extending our thresholds of perception, and imagination.
Participation in IAK ‘Becominf Pilot” program activities: symposiums, workshops, lectures.
First meeting, obligatory  Friday 30. October 2015 at 15.30 h  at IAK
Course: 5 blocks Thursday / Friday afternoon 14:30 – 20:00 h to be discussed together
Place: IAK
Final exhibition: 11.02.2015

Photo: Kristijonas Nenartavicius, Spatial Sensing 1 seminar participant,

Subjective report of imagery experienced during the exposure to stroboscopic light with closed eyes,

an Installation by IVANA FRANKE

Slide show: Spatial Sensing 1 Seminar http://spatialsensing.tumblr.com/

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