Tomás Saraceno – Vertretungsprofessur

 Sasha Engelmann, Jol Thomson + Guests

First meeting (mandatory): Fri. 8 April 2016, 4pm, IAK

Inspired by Tomás Saraceno’s long-term projects Cloud Cities, Museo Aero Solar, and Becoming Aerosolar in the Aerocene, this seminar will include pilot training operations and the critical philosophy foundations necessary for Becoming Pilot of spaceship Earth.

photo by Sasha Engelmann

photo by Sasha Engelmann

The SS2016 Becoming Pilot workshop is a seminar and 8-day excursion-workshop to Cappadocia Turkey carried out in partnership with the Cappadox Arts Festival, located, in Cappadocia, Turkey which occurs during excursion week. The research partnership opens possibilities to collaborate with local artists, researchers and balloonists within the framework of the course excursion.

This intensive workshop engages with collective experiments in sensing and responding to climate, the legacy of inflatable art and architecture, and designing for thermodynamic and energy efficiency.  Students develop novel mechanisms to design and control aerosolar sculptures, learn the principles of aerosolar piloting techniques and engage with new philosophies and aesthetics of Aerocene, important while facing the climate change.  The workshop is joined by prominent philosophers and social scientists currently involved in the Aerocene project (see: www.aerocene.com for more information).


When applying, please also send an email to t.saraceno@tu-braunschweig.de specifiying any questions you may have.  Students have been invited to Turkey by Tomás Saraceno for a new exhibition on Aerocene at the Cappadox Arts Festival.

Block format, meeting for 4-5 Friday afternoons at IAK and one weekend in Berlin at Studio Tomás Saraceno.

15-20 students, approx. half bachelors and half Masters

First meeting (mandatory): Fri. 8 April 2016, 4pm, IAK


Each student must read the required text and one supplementary text listed in the bibliography for each week.  These must be read and prepared before the class discussion. For each class meeting, two students will be the “discussion leaders”.  That means they will have prepared summaries from the required text and questions to generate discussion.  All required readings (*) are available in English or German.  Group discussions will be held in English.
Reading and discussion is mandatory in order to attend the excursions to Berlin and Turkey where the focus will be making and flying aerosolar sculptures.

Students will be assessed on their weekly seminar contributions, the presentations in Turkey, and the final exhibition at IAK in July.

A Full Syllabus will be posted here after the initial meeting on April 8th, 2016.

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