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AEROGRAPHY – Sasha Engelmann

Aero-graphy is a process of writing or recording the air (Aero: from Greek āer meaning air, and Graphy: from Greek graphiā meaning to write). In this workshop, we will think of ways to create phenomena with air, and to record these with pencils, paper, cameras, sculpture and sound. Each day we will consider how a specific artist (or group) makes air visible or tangible. A very important part of this process will be experimenting with clouds, smoke, vapor, wind, firebreathdust, inflation, balloons, kites and light.

By working with air – the opposite of the traditional building blocks of architecture – students will expand their understanding of the definition of “architecture,” “art” and “material”. They will also gain valuable knowledge on the role that air plays in making built environments inhabitable and enjoyable.

In this workshop we will study the work of these artists (among others):  Tomás Saraceno, Theo Jansen, Amy BalkinHeHe, Yves Klein, Otto Piene, Fujiko NakayaHeather and Ivan Morison.

Task: The workshop tasks will change throughout the semester. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with drawing, chemistry, photography, video and sculpture. For example, a workshop on the formation of clouds may include making white vapor, and / or small colored smoke-bombs that can be safely detonated and photographed. Another workshop on air’s materiality may include using magnifying lenses to make detailed drawings of dust. The students will also join the graduate seminar on Becoming Aero Solar for one “solar sculpture” workshop with Tomás Saraceno, during which we will build objects that can fly with the sun.

Readings (reading assignments if any): In this workshop, each student will choose what they would like to read. I will provide some suggestions in German and English. The reading will be discussed periodically in small groups so that each student brings something new and different to the course.

Objectives (what the students should learn): The objectives of this workshop are:

to learn various ways to make air visible and tangible.

to experiment with capturing and recording air.

to create works of art that collaborate with the material of air.





Images: left) HeHe, Nuage Vert, 2012 and right) Heather and Ivan Morison, Dark Star, 2007.


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